Bike carrying vehicle on line of ski lift

The product’s assets

Ideal concept for old ski lifts like « water drop » POMA for a maximum debit

Bike carrying vehicle adapted for 2 or 3 bikes depending on the size of the seats

Universal bike carrier, reusable in case of replacement of the ski lift line

No portage on loading and unloading

For « handyshare » and monocylce bikes

For bikes from 20 to 29 inches

Competitive concept

Optimized price for each project

Scalable investment

Sale, rental for events, rental with « buying option »

Secure concept

Easy and efficient hanging: it’s the bike’s weight that shuts the clip

Identical size to vehicles in place

No risk of accidental bike fall

Evolving concept

Garnish / Wheels / Springs

Technical data:

Download the product sheet
Download the product sheet

Weight : 21 kg (hanger + frame 2 bike carriers)

Bike carrier alone : 7.4 kg

Height 306 cm

Width : 112 cm for 2 bike carriers

Material: Aluminium + steel

Material: Aluminium + steel

CE 13/1267 marking for the bike carrier