conception and management of bike parks accessible to all

Implementation and Manufacturing

funny, playful Construction of tracks(runways), and rollable for all the levels: tables, bumps, banked corners, pumtracks...

Construction of the wooden modules handled(treated) in the environmental protection: bridges(decks), banisters, jumps...

Supervision of the construction and the on-site installation

Quality of tracks(runways) and modules following the standards AFNOR(FRENCH NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR STANDARDIZATION)

Installation of the road marking: panels(signs), security regulations

We can work with your teams and your material(equipment)

Put in operation

Management of the customers: marketing plan and communication

Conception(Design) of the plans of tracks(runways)

Organization of descents discovered for the beginners

Creation of playful spaces

Proposal of activities except(off) MOUNTAIN BIKE

Special event management, festivity

Possible Management by ALPIM*Co

Example of realization: LFB PARK of Lioran

Bike Park Lioran
Year 2011 2012 2013 2014
Created tracks 4 6 8 9
Nbr of opening days 45 70 70 (5 rainy days) 70
(50 rainy days)
Sold tickets 1500 2700 4250 4300